Fullerton Court House

Fullerton Court House

Fullerton Court House is also referred to as  the North Justice Center. Directions to Fullerton Court: Fullerton Courthouse is located at 1275 N Berkeley Avenue in Fullerton California. The zip code for Fullerton court is 92835. This courthouse handles criminal and traffic cases. Fullerton court also handles a limited amount of civil matters originating in Fullerton, Anaheim, Buena Park, La Habra, Yorba Linda, Brea, La Palma, Anaheim Hills, and Placentia.

Criminal matters handled in the Fullerton court include misdemeanors and felonies such as DUI, domestic violence, drug charges, theft charges, violence, sex offenses, and all other crimes. Most crimes in this courthouse are prosecuted by the Orange County District Attorneys Office. Misdemeanors committed within the jurisdiction of Anaheim are prosecuted by the Anaheim City Attorneys Office. In addition, certain minor municipal code violations are prosecuted by the city attorney for the various cities located in the North Court Jurisdiction.

Orange County has a reputation throughout Southern California as the only place where you actually have to serve your full jail time.    This is because neighboring counties like LA, Riverside, and San Bernardino all suffer from a lack of jail space.  In those counties early release is the rule.  In OC, you get sentenced, you serve your time.   Inmates are of course eligible for good time work time credit under California Penal Code 4019, but that’s it. If you are facing a traffic or criminal case in the Fullerton Courthouse, it would be a good idea to contact a local attorney to discuss your options before going to court.

Traffic matters in North Justice Center are heard in Department 1. Traffic citations issued by Fullerton PD, Anaheim PD, Buena Park PD, Placentia PD, La Palma PD, Brea PD, California Highway Patrol and the Orange County Sheriffs Dept are all processed here. Traffic tickets can be paid or contested in person, online, or by mail. Extensions, payment plans, and traffic school are also available where appropriate.  In many cases, hiring an attorney to handle your traffic ticket can be a cost effective decision that saves time, stress, and money.

Limited civil matters in North Justice Center primarily include civil harassment restraining orders (CHRO) and unlawful detainer (UD) actions. An unlawful detainer is the legal name for an eviction lawsuit. Parties include landlords and tenants disputing issues of late or non payment of rent or other disputed lease agreements.

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